Trippy Flamingos

Wallpaper on steroids.

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Almost Sunday

Alarm off.  Get ready.  Grab two frozen pizzas out of the freezer.  Find parking.  Catch train.  Take bus.  Work.  Work.  Work.  Walk crosstown.  Skip the gym…

…and end up enjoying the weather with some Lady M dessert in Bryant Park, grab an empanada at Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine, and end the night with some Korean fusion at Barn Joo and a Yuzu cocktail.  I love NY.

Cake, cake, cake…and Uni bibimbap.  Sometimes a girl’s gotta eat dessert before dinner.


Happy Monday? Wiped after a full day’s work, gym session, and a three hour round trip commute.  But found the cutest little pins from Meri Meri and they’re pretty great.  Can’t wait to gift them to my best friend’s four year old.  There is something novel about rainbows, maybe it’s the fact that they are a symbol of a promise or maybe it’s simply because they add a bit of color to the life of this New Yorker.

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